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Maria and Juan

At Home with Maria and Juan is a collection of four vignettes illustrating ways to keep your home lead safe.

Developed originally as part of a special outreach to South Jersey's Hispanic community, the information is pertinent for the entire region in which more than 50% of the housing stock was built before lead-based paint was banned.

Each video highlights a lead poisoning risk and provides recommendations to lower that risk. Videos can be viewed in English or Spanish.

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In the Garden

While gardening, Maria explains to Juan why she is covering up exposed soil where their son might play.

In the Kitchen

Juan learns the importance of always using cold water for cooking.

In the Laundry Room

Juan's mother demonstrates why it’s necessary to separate work clothes from other laundry. She explains to him the serious health problems lead poisoning can cause for his son.


Maria learns that knowing the age of your home can keep your family safe from lead poisoning risks.


En el Jardin

En la Cocina

En la Lavenderia