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Mom's Quit Connection


Mothers create a healthier environment for their children with help from Mom's Quit Connection.

For pregnant women and new mothers trying to quit smoking, Mom's Quit Connection (MQC) provides free and individualized counseling services and support. At their convenience, participants receive in person and/or telephone support from counselors. An incentive program offers rewards like baby supplies to celebrate achievements and success. Participants must be New Jersey residents.

MQC counselors listen without judgment, and participants do not need to be ready to quit smoking in order to begin the program. For enrollment questions or more information call us at 856-665-6000 or email MQC@snjpc.org

MQC offers New Jersey residents a toll-free line where counselors can address specific smoking cessation questions or concerns. Call us at 1-888-545-5191.

For other family members seeking treatment, MQC encourages calling the New Jersey Quitline. This free, telephone counseling service is another helpful smoking cessation tool. To begin, call 1-800- NJ STOPS (657-8677)

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Trying to quit smoking?
MQC encourages smokers to identify their smoking triggers, or what provokes them to smoke. Common triggers are stress, drinking alcohol or being around other smokers. Counselors work with clients to take control of their triggers, creating personalized plans and strategies to decrease the number of cigarettes they smoke, with the overall goal of becoming smoke free.

Find your smoking triggers and learn ways to conquer them.

Within minutes of quitting smoking the body starts to heal. See what health benefits you can expect to gain with MQC's Timeline of Quitting.

Secondhand Smoke Smoking isn't just harmful to smokers, but also to the ones they love. Children living with smokers are more likely to get asthma attacks, ear infections, and serious respiratory illnesses like pneumonia and bronchitis due of secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is the smoke from burning cigarettes or cigars. This smoke has over 4,000 harmful chemicals that get trapped in children’s lungs when they breathe, causing serious and long-lasting health issues. Protect the ones you love, join MQC today.

View the deadly effects of secondhand smoke with the CDC's Secondhand Smoke Wheel

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