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Senior staff and program managers:

Judy Donlen
Executive Director

Helene Lynch
Director, Operations 

Helen Hannigan
Director, MIS and Administration
COO, Family Health Initiatives

Kathleen Barry
Director, Finance

Barbara May
Director, Policy and Program Development

Beth Wilkinson
Director, Communications 

Merle Weitz
Director, Public Health Programs

Cathy Butler-Witt
Assistant Director, Public Health Programs

Cathy Golightly
Assistant Director, MIS

Barbara Alston
Regional Coordinator, NJ Immunization Information System Support Center 

Dianne Browne
Project Director, Camden Healthy Start

Quinn Ingemi
Regional Coordinator, Perinatal Addictions Prevention Project

Aileen McCullough
Unit Coordinator, Early Intervention Service Coordination 

Kelly McLaughlin
Program Coordinator, Southern Regional Lead and Healthy Homes Coalition

Natalie Milstein
Program Coordinator, Parents as Teachers

Lakeisha Montgomery
Nurse Coordinator, Nurse-Family Partnership

Susan Ellis Murphy
Program Coordinator, Postpartum Wellness Initiative for South Jersey