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Who We Are

SNJPC’s work environment reflects its mission with an emphasis on collaboration, a dedication to excellence and a healthy work/life balance. We offer a highly competitive benefits package as well as career development opportunities that include certification programs and funding to attend national/regional conferences. 

Across the maternal and child health community, SNJPC is recognized for its leadership, creativity, and acumen. It is a reputation built upon a work culture that respects fresh ideas, honors hard work and nurtures good ideas. 

Established in 1982, SNJPC now supports more than 20 discrete programs that collectively impact tens of thousands annually. The agency maintains 3 offices throughout our service region.

Current openings are listed below. Click on the job title to view the job description and begin the application process.

  • Provides comprehensive community health nursing services through home visiting and telehealth to women and their families enrolled in the Nurse Family Partnership program. Manages client caseload of about 25-30 women of childbearing age and their infants from birth through 2 years.

  • assists vulnerable families of infants and young children to connect with services that promote developmental health as well as supports child welfare case practices and works to strengthen systems integration and service linkages at the local level.

  • Assists those eligible to receive the rights, procedural safeguards, and services provided by NJ Early Intervention program through service coordination and advocacy to assure linkage to all services provided within the EI program along with other community resources to maximize a child’s abilities.