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Ask, Advise, Refer

Ask, Advise, Refer Pre-Test

1) How many chemicals are in every cigarette?
2) What does a smoker become addicted to?
3) What amount of second hand smoke exposure is safe?
4) After a smoker has a cigarette, their brain releases THIS chemical which makes them feel relaxed.
5) What are some symptoms of nicotine withdrawal?
6) What health problems are associated with smoking?
7) What are the two free smoking cessation programs for NJ residents?
8) How many times should you ask your patient or client about their smoking status?
9) This training was on which of the following models?
10) What tool can you use to refer your patient or client to the NJ Quitline and MQC for Families?
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This webinar can only offer nursing credits or a general certificate of completion. Check which you wish to be awarded.
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