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Ask, Advise, Refer

Ask, Advise, Refer Webinar

To access the training video, viewers must first complete a brief pre-test. Following the video, there is a post-test. Completion of both tests is required to receive a certificate of attendance. 

AAR Pre-Test & WEBINAR >


Cathy Butler-Witt, MA, BSW, NCTTP
Barbara E. Heinz, LSW, MSW, CPS, NCTTP

The speakers have declared that they have nothing to disclose.


As a result of viewing this webinar, participants will:

  1. Develop practice wide protocol to assess and address tobacco use by utilizing Center for Disease Control’s evidence-based Ask, Advise, Refer: Brief Intervention Model.
  2. Apply motivational messages about tobacco use into regular interactions with clients.
  3. Summarize the health risks associated with smoking, exposure to second & third hand smoke, tobacco dependence and electronic nicotine delivery systems.