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Postpartum Wellness Initiative for South Jersey

Feeling sad or overwhelmed after childbirth is common. However, if these feelings persist beyond two weeks of giving birth, a mother could develop anxiety or depression. The Postpartum Wellness Initiative for South Jersey works on several levels to ensure optimal care for South Jersey women suffering from perinatal mood disorders. The program trains health care professionals in best practices and facilitates compliance with state screening laws to ensure those at-risk receive timely support and treatment. PWI also oversees a network of local support groups that are tailored to the needs and concerns of new moms and operates a 'warm line'. Most recently, PWI has become a key player in providing regional access to an online, peer-to-peer support group. In addition, PWI offers a web-based intervention designed to help women recover from postpartum depression


You can speak directly with a clinician about questions concerning postpartum depression and anxiety. Call the PWI WarmLine at 856-675-5295. This is a free callback service operating weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The WarmLine is not an emergency service. For emergencies, dial 911 or visit the nearest hospital.


PWI has joined with Smart Patients and Postpartum Progress to improve regional access to an online community for postpartum moms. This forum is an anonymous environment for peer-to-peer sharing among new moms who may be experiencing anxiety or depression. Smart Patients has several postpartum oriented communities.


MomMoodBooster is a web-based intervention designed to help women recover from postpartum depression. This free, confidential service is available to women in South Jersey through PWI. Participants complete six weekly sessions along with support from a Perinatal Mood Disorder Specialist at PWI. Participants also have access to online education as well as partner support. Program eligibility is determined by the PWI team following a comprehensive assessment.

For enrollment questions or to learn more, call 856-675-5295.


PWI oversees group support for women who are at risk for developing perinatal mood disorders. There are a range of support groups tailored to the needs and concerns of these new moms.


Learn more about postpartum depression and other regional resources by following the links below.