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Postpartum Wellness Initiative for South Jersey

Postpartum Depression Support

No matter how well prepared or how much you looked forward to pregnancy and childbirth, unexpected “highs” and “lows” can occur. Physical and emotional changes during pregnancy and after childbirth can make you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. It's not uncommon. 

About 80% of new moms experience some form of mild mood instability following childbirth. Known as the “baby blues”, these feelings are driven by hormones and typically resolve within 2 weeks. For about 10% - 20% of new moms, the feelings associated with the “baby blues” can become more intense and linger for several weeks, months or even up to one year following childbirth. Some women have these feelings while pregnant. This may signal the onset of a Perinatal Mood Disorder. Women of every age, income level, social status and ethnic background can develop a perinatal Mood Disorder. Talk with a caring, compassionate professional who is willing to listen, support and help you to understand your feelings. 

The dedicated professionals at Postpartum Wellness Initiative (PWI) are available to take your call. This telephone support service is free of charge to women who live in South Jersey. During the first call, a team member will assess you so that the two of you can create a plan of care just for you. The team member is available to answer your questions and provide telephone support over the next few weeks.


Women can access the comprehensive program services offered by PWI by calling the PWI Warm Line at 856-675-5295.

The PWI Warm Line is a free, confidential telephone call back service where women can access PWI services. The warm line is especially useful to women whose healthcare provider does not currently participate in the web-based EPDS screening process. Calls are returned during regular business hours (9 AM – 3 PM) Monday – Friday. The team is not available on weekends or holidays.

PWI is not a 24/7 emergency service.  For immediate assistance, please refer to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

MomMoodBooster is a secure, confidential web-based support intervention that provides an important option for women who are experiencing mild to moderate postpartum depression. It is particularly helpful for women who might otherwise not seek treatment because of perceived stigma, cost and logistical difficulties in scheduling counseling visits.

Once enrolled in the program, the participant is able to access six online sessions. Sessions use text, interactions, animations and videos to engage learner interest and follow-through practice skills. Each participant is assigned a personal coach who assists the woman in navigating the program and provides non-therapeutic support and encouragement.

MomMoodBooster is free of charge to women who live in South Jersey following an assessment and screening by a team member from PWI. 

PWI oversees group support for women who are at risk for developing perinatal mood disorders. There are a range of support groups tailored to the needs and concerns of new moms.

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PWI has joined with Smart Patients to improve regional access to an online community for postpartum moms. This forum is an anonymous environment for peer-to-peer sharing among new moms who may be experiencing anxiety or depression.

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