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Quit4Kids Texting Support Program

Quit4Kids is a free, statewide program offered by Family Health Initiatives to pregnant and parenting individuals, new parents, family members and others caring for or living with children under 8 years old who want help to stop smoking. Tobacco Treatment Specialists meet with clients to help them begin to reduce and quit smoking.


Sessions are unlimited, include incentives and are scheduled at the convenience of each client. Individual quit plans as well as a plan to help you stay quit are created in partnership with your Quit Coach.

Text quitforkids to 53016 and fill out a short form to enroll. You’ll then receive texts with helpful information and tips on topics like: What is the Quit4Kids Texting Support Program?


Quit4Kids educates and supports pregnant individuals, parents and caregivers of children up to 8 years old who want to live a tobacco-free life. Topics include: Steps to Quit Smoking or Vaping, Emotional Support Trigger, Craving and Stress Management, Coping with Withdrawal and Preventing Relapse, Healthy Eating, Child’s Growth Milestones.

Additional features of the program include: 

On-Demand Motivation

The program offers real-time support for common problems many experience during their journey to quit. These in-the-moment responses are delivered when you text these specific keywords to 53016: 

TRIGGER: for support when feeling a craving
MOOD: for “feel-good” motivational messaging
RELAX: for comforting words to help deal with anxiety

SONG: for a link to uplifting music

SPIRIT: to make you feel stronger

SURVEYS: occasional surveys help provide us with valuable information

At the end of the program, you will be sent a short survey to share your satisfaction with the program and how helpful it’s been to you.

Quit4Kids for Families services are available Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm.

​Quit4Kids for Families accepts self-referrals through the toll-free number 888-545-5191.

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