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SNJPC Program Participates in National Research Study

Postpartum Wellness Initiative for South Jersey (PWI) is participating in a national research study of a promising program to prevention postpartum depression. In a series of clinical trials, the Reach Out, Stay Strong, Essentials for mothers of newborns (ROSE) reduced cases of postpartum depression by 50% among low-income women. Now, researchers are taking it to the next level by launching it in the real world.

PWI is among 90 entities throughout the U.S. approved for the ROSE Sustainability Study. Over the next two and a half years, PWI will oversee implementation and compliance of the ROSE program by two SNJPC home visiting programs – Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) and Healthy Families (HF). Earlier this year, PWI’s clinical team trained NFP and HF home visiting staff in the ROSE model. Starting mid-March, the clients of NFP and HF will be invited to join the study by participating in the ROSE program. Through five sessions, the ROSE program teaches pregnant women to recognize the signs of depression and how to reduce stress by seeking social support, finding a network of friends and family members and knowing where to go for help. Women who complete ROSE will receive a “Welcome Baby” bag, a reusable cloth bag filled with items to help address issues that have been correlated with maternal depression.