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Consumer Trainings

The Lead and Healthy Homes program offers helpful resources and trainings to those interested in home safety and renovation. Detailed below are consumer training materials and information on upcoming trainings. For more information on Healthy Homes and to receive the latest information on workshops and events, email us at healthyhomes@snjpc.org.

Healthy Homes Action Sheets

The action sheets below outline step by step instructions and easy checklist tips to safeguard home from mold and mildew, pests, accidental injuries and more. The following action sheets are also accessible in Spanish, listed below the English versions.

  • Checklist of low cost fixes and easy tips to stop pests from entering home.

  • Offers low cost fixes to prevent dangers from toxins such as bleach, air freshners, and other cleaning products.

  • Offers a checklist and tips to keep mold out of the home and the safesty ways to clean up mold and mildew in home.

  • Offers helpful tips to prevent safety hazards such as slips and falls, fires and choking.

Click on a presentation below to view action guides in Spanish:

Training Guides

The training guides below were developed for community education on the Healthy Homes principles. They are provided here because they contain valuable information about protecting your home from lead contamination, pests, mold and safety hazards. The training guides are also available in Spanish, listed below the English guides.

Click on a presentation to download:

Click on a presentation below to download the guide in Spanish:

Healthy Homes Workshops

The Healthy Homes program offers free training workshops for those interested in home safety. Workshops cover a range of topics and share safe, cost effective home renovation tips and demonstrations. Popular sessions are Renovate Right and Lead Bingo. For a full list of all workshop offerings and to schedule a workshop at your center, click here.