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Back to School, Back to Germs: Protect Your Family During National Immunization Awareness Month

Back-to-school preparations often include buying supplies, books and outfits. But there is one important health precaution to remember, get your family’s immunizations up to date. August is National Immunizations Awareness Month and the perfect time to protect your children against dangerous illnesses.

Before your kids head back to the classroom or the dormitory, talk to their health care provider to make sure they’ve received all age appropriate vaccines. Adults also require vaccinations to protect against infectious diseases so discuss your immunization history with your health care provider.

Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative (SNJPC) helps ensure that children are properly immunized by providing technical assistance to South Jersey health care providers using the statewide immunization database. The New Jersey Immunizations Information System (NJIIS) maintains a permanent electronic record of a child’s immunization history. Health care providers can access a patient’s vaccination history and upload a patient’s information to the system. This improves medical records and, therefore, helps providers keep children update-to-date on their vaccinations without over immunizing.

NJIIS is constantly being upgraded to further increase the benefits of the system. A new advancement allows providers to download a patient’s immunization record from NJIIS directly to the patient’s electronic medical record. Previously, providers would need to manually input this information. This upgrade facilitates provider use and further improves record accuracy.

For more information visit http://www.snjpc.org/services/immunizationregistry.html or https://njiis.nj.gov/