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Could Your TV Send Your Child to the Emergency Room?

Every 45 minutes a child visits the emergency room because of injuries caused by a falling TV. Every three weeks a child in the United States dies from a TV-related injury. These somber and startling statistics are especially distressing because these injuries are preventable, but becoming more common.

The number of these accidents grew 125% between 1990 and 2011, according to a recent report in the journal Pediatrics, with children under the age of five most at risk. Doctors say the increase is due to more televisions in the home and TVs becoming less sturdy.

Protect your children. Follow these safety precautions:
•Mount or strap a flat screen TV to the wall (available where TVs are sold)

•Place a heavy, large, or old TV on a low and stable piece of furniture

•Do not leave toys or remotes on top of a TV

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