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New Campaign Encourages Smokers to ‘Talk With Your Doctor’ for Help Quitting

Advice and assistance from a doctor can more than double the odds a smoker will quit successfully.

Because of this influential role played by healthcare professionals, the Center for Disease Control recently launched the “Talk With Your Doctor” campaign to encourage smokers to ask their doctor for help to quit smoking.

Doctors can offer resources, counseling and medication to assist patients in their efforts to put down the cigarettes.

Smokers in New Jersey have other resources. The NJ Quitline , 1-866-657-8677 offers free cessation counseling. Pregnant smokers and new mothers can contact the Cooperative’s Mom’s Quit Connection (MQC) for free, one-on-one quitting support. For more information on MQC, and to enroll, call 1-888-544-5191 or click here.

MQC also offers free on-site trainings for NJ healthcare providers to incorporate smoking cessation advice into routine patient care.

MQC use the 2A’s and R intervention model - Providers learn how to best Ask their patients if they smoke and begin a conversation about quitting, Advise patients by providing information on the dangers of smoking and tips to quit, and Refer patients to MQC counseling and other free cessation services.

MQC counseling offers providers an easy to use, streamlined referral system to ensure that their patients receive timely, personalized and effective cessation support.

For more information on MQC services, trainings and materials available to providers, click here.

For more information on the “Talk With Your Doctor” campaign click here.