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Smokers Can Regain Life Expectancy of Non- Smokers, Study Finds

Smokers who quit between the ages of 25-34 were able to regain the life expectancy and health benefits of non-smokers, according to a recent study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine. (Full study can be found here )

The study’s findings are consistent with previous research that shows: the sooner a person stops smoking, the healthier they will be.

Smoking has many life-threatening consequences: heart disease, lung and throat cancer, stroke and more. Pregnant women who smoke not only risk their own health but that of their baby. Perinatal smoking is linked to prematurity, stillbirths, SIDs and more.

New Jersey smokers interested in quitting have effective cessation services available to them for free. Pregnant women and new moms can turn to Mom’s Quit Connection (MQC), a free counseling and educational program from the Southern NJ Perinatal Cooperative. New Jersey residents thinking of quitting, can also contact the NJ Quitline, a free telephone counseling service at 1-866-657-8677

To enroll in MQC or learn more about its services, click here

For information on state and national smoking cessation organizations and initiatives, visit the SNJPC website resources section.

For more information on the harmful effects of smoking, visit the Center for Disease Control.