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New Postpartum Support Groups Reach More New Jersey Mothers

This winter the Cooperative will start two new postpartum support groups, reaching more South Jersey mothers than ever before.

These new postpartum groups target young mothers in Camde and military mothers located at Ft. Dix.

The support groups, facilitated by professionals from the Postpartum Wellness Initiative, will enable new mothers to share their experiences and gain support from one another in an open environment.

PWI refers mothers in South Jersey to support groups in their area. For a list of current support groups, click here.

To speak with a PWI clinician, call the WarmLine. This is a free call-back service offering one-on-one consultation. WarmLine calls are returned weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The WarmLine is not an emergency service. For emergency calls, dial 911.

For more information, email us at PWI@snjpc.org